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911 Disability Indicator

The disability indicator program is voluntary for both the community and its residents and was created by a group of several different organizations representing the mobility, hearing, speech and sight impaired communities.

The information provided on the disability indicator form enables a special code to appear on the 911 call takers screen which alerts the call taker that a person residing at that address may require special assistance during an emergency.

When your 911 call is answered by an emergency dispatcher, the 911 system automatically displays your name, address and telephone number on the dispatcher's screen.  At your request, codes will be displayed that will identify the disability indicators that have been reported for you or someone living with you at your address.  These codes will help the dispatcher communicate with the caller and provide useful information to responding public safety personnel. 

This standardized form created to encourage participation from all persons with disabilities. As you are aware, there are an extensive range of disabilities and medical conditions. The disability indicator categories listed on the form may be considered too broad for some; when you consider the extensive range of disabilities. However, information requested on the form must remain sensitive to those who may not wish to provide detailed information.

Always remember information on the disability indicator form is confidential.  The information you provide will only appear at the dispatcher's location when a 911 call originates from your address.

When filling out the form be sure to:

            1.  Give your telephone number, name and address
            2.  Check the box or boxes that best describe your disability
            3.  Sign and date the form.
            4.  Return the form to:

                    Attn: Sheila Clinger
                        Nantucket Police Department
                        4 Fairgrounds Road
                        Nantucket, MA  02554

Click Here for the 911 Disability Indicator Form


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